When Should I Replace My Car Battery?

Have you ever suffered the panic of a weak or dead car battery? If you have, you understand what frustration is. If only you could have known that your battery was about to die. Where were the warning signs?

When Should I Replace My Car Battery?If you’re concerned about the condition of your car’s battery, stop by one of your local Oklahoma City metro area Valvoline Instant Oil Change centers for a free check-up on your battery. Until then, here are some battery facts that’ll help you know when to have your battery checked or replaced:

The battery is the heart of a vehicle. Much like a heart, batteries are made in different qualities and are dependent upon consistent care to stay healthy. Overall usage, times between maintenance, and season temperatures all affect the life of a battery while repeated drain, such as leaving your lights on, will undoubtedly break your battery down very quickly.

Electrical faults and defective charging systems may sometimes be to blame for an over or under-charged battery. If you notice your battery is under or over-charged, take it in for a check-up immediately.

Most modern vehicles are equipped with on-board computers that control and monitor various systems. These computers often place a small, but constant drain on batteries – even when the vehicle is parked. If a vehicle is left standing for a long period of time, the battery may slowly discharge.

Any new vehicle equipped with the new “Stop-Start” technology will save a lot of money on gas, but will place a greater demand on your vehicle’s battery. The majority of the batteries in “Stop-Start” vehicles are specialized batteries that will need to be special ordered and replaced by a certified technician.

Batteries are not always easy to replace. The location of a battery differs depending on the make and model of your vehicle. It is always a good idea to have a certified technician remove and install the battery so the warranty will be honored by the manufacturer.

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