Making Your Car Run Well For Less

By performing regular maintenance and paying attention to some details, you can make your car much safer for you to ride in and for those on the road around you.

One of the most important safety considerations when driving is visibility.  This includes your ability to see and other driver’s ability to see you.

Making Your Car Run Well For LessYou should routinely check your wiper blades as anyone driving through a summer storm will tell you, bad wiper blades severely cut down on visibility.  You should also make sure your lights are all functioning and that the bulbs are fresh or that the lamp covers are clean.  The better your lights function the better you can see and be seen at night or in poor weather.

Along with visibility, your grip on the road is another important thing to pay close attention to.  We are talking about tires here.  Worn tires slip in wet conditions and reduce the ability of your brakes in even the driest conditions.  Worn tires also are more prone to blow outs at high speeds and in the least, can leave you with a flat to change when you are late for your next job interview.

Finally, a poorly maintained engine can lead to vehicle fires. Changing your oil regularly and having other systems inspected can help prevent catastrophic failures down the road.  Fortunately, many services that help keep your car safe are performed or offered at your routine oil changes and tire rotations.  Do yourself a favor and get your car serviced regularly and save some money along the way with oil change and tire rotation coupons.